why do we love what we do? Simple — our clients are some of the nicest people we've ever met. They're passionate about making or promoting wine and they have a unique story to tell. Those factors alone give us an enormous head start on the design process because half the battle of developing a loyal following is creating a compelling story that rings true. Color palettes, fonts, layout all follow the story. And while the wine industry is enormous and the battle over marketshare hard won, artisan winemakers can and do carve out a very loyal customer base by sticking to the heart of their story — the passion, curiosity and energy that brought them to the industry in the first place.

wendy coy
Owner and Creative Director
wendy@coydesign.com | 707-829-9582

Always striving for context, Wendy puts the work of identifying the unique and intriguing qualities of the winery or winemaker first. Once the story has taken form, Wendy utilizes over 25 years of design and production experience to create compelling branding and marketing solutions spanning across print, web, and e-commerce.

A graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Wendy worked for several design, advertising and communication agencies in the Los Angeles area. There she provided winning solutions for Fortune 100 companies spanning many industries including food, energy, healthcare, telecom, high tech and banking.

Moving to Sonoma County in 1997, Wendy became friends with Guy and Judy Davis of Davis Family Vineyards who later became her first wine client. Finding that the wine industry allowed her more artistic freedom and a much more rewarding client-designer relationship, she transitioned her business to focus only on micro-to-medium size wineries and wine related businesses throughout Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties. 100% of Coy Design's business is by referral.

michael coy
Illustrator, Painter, Conceptualizer

Michael brings a beautiful artisan approach to each project he works on whether illustrations for labels and marketing materials or initial conceptual sketches for brand development.

A Southern California native, Michael received his degree from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. and worked as a freelance conceptual and storyboard artist in the film, interactive and advertising industries. His clients have included Disney Imagineering, IBM-Epcot, McRaw-Hill Interactive, Disney Interactive, Warner Bros. Films, Propaganda Films and Lucas Learning LTD. He has also designed animation backgrounds for Columbia-Tristar TV and sold an original video game concept to Digital Domain.

Seeking a more harmonious environment and lifestyle Michael moved from LA to Sebastopol, California in 1997.

partner providers

Throughout the years, we've narrowed down our partner providers to a group of companies that we can count on in a pinch — and there's always a pinch! A tight budget, an even tighter deadline, wineries must open and bottles must be labeled! These companies perform and deliver with grace.

  • Alan Campbell — Bottle and interior/exterior photography
  • O'Dell Printing — Very high quality offset and digital offset printing. Terrific team and project management.
  • Clone Print — Very high quality digital quickprint. Unbelievable turnaround and dream staff.
  • 1and1.com — our personal favorite webhosting and domain name service. SUPER affordable, great customer service.
  • Vertical Reponse — Creating custom html email campaigns has never been easier. Their interface is smooth, simple, and we love being able to track the open & click-through response to each campaign.
  • Mal's Ecommerce. A FREE shopping cart plug in that takes care of 95% of a small winery's e-commerce needs..

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